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Attendees Veto Killing World Series Monitor

October Meeting Highlights

from Gary Stigall, Chairman:

Over twenty people attended at the KFMB Studios in spite of the Padres being in game four of the World Series. As the meeting got underway, the crowd democratically shouted down an attempt to turn off a monitor displaying Fox's coverage of the baseball game on XETV. The Chair took a clue and restored the screen.

Steve Gordoni from 360 Systems in Los Angeles paid a friendly visit. Considering the distraction, a great sport! He told about the history of the company and the derivation of the ubiquitous ShortCut and Instant Replay products.

Thanks to KFMB for providing the deli plate and soft drinks.

Meeting Minutes for 21 October 1998
from Fred Gotwald, Secretary/Treasurer:

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm at KFMB by Gary Stigall, Chairman.

The Secretary/Treasurer report:

  • Sponsor renewals from: Continental Electronics
  • New sustaining member: Chip Morgan
  • Broadcast Engineering Expenses for the past month:
    $160.00 for postage $40.00 for P.O. Box rent
  • Ending bank balance: $3015.51

Ideas for a lunch location for the December meeting were solicited. One suggestion was received: Kearny’s in Kearny Mesa. It was noted that the lunch should be by RSVP only.

KSWB has offered to host a meeting at its new facility early next year. Gary said this would be the meeting which we could advertise for students to attend. It was pointed out that most students don’t return to college until the end of January, so February or March are now the targeted months.

Additional writers for the newsletter are needed. Help with local broadcast history is desired. A couple
potential contributors were identified and we might expect to hear more about the KCBQ bomb shelter.

The membership was queried if it was acceptable to spend $35.00 per year for domain name registration ( Mike Tosch moved that the money be approved, seconded by Bea Finley and was voted upon and passed. Before the money is spent, we will secure an agreement from to support virtual hosting of this domain name.

Oscar Medina noted that 4 people are on the list for the next certification exams which will be held sometime between November 13 and 23. John Barcroft agreed to assist in proctoring the exam.

Discussion was held on how to spend chapter funds, and in particular, the mechanics of funding a scholarship. Gary will do additional research on the matter, including contacting SBE headquarters for suggestions.


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