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SBE Meeting Reminder - November 18, 1998 

Sierra Video Systems 
and Router Matrix Theory 202 

With DTV just around the bend, TV stations are finding they have to buy new routers to handle all the new digital signals. The need for converters in the system creates a demand for analog ports as well. To buy a large "single-stage" router with the number of crosspoints equaling the number of input ports times the number of output ports is simply wasteful. Multistage routers reduce the number of crosspoints by trunking a number of commonly selected inputs to the output buses. 

So here's the problem: How can you build such a large switcher using the fewest crosspoints consistent with very low probability that the signal you request won't be blocked by limited trunk lines? Turns out to be a very complex math problem. John Cosenza, Sierra Video Systems Engineering Technical Sales Manager, thinks they've finally found the answer. John will visit from Grass Valley to present a short paper on their multistage large matrix router designs. Sierra will use this new design in their Ponderosa series of routers with a matrix 256x256 and higher. Even if your routing needs are more modest, this is a fascinating story of mathematics in pursuit of economy. Want a sneak preview? 
Mike Henderson, one of their senior design engineers, will make a short presentation on the Digilinks family of digital conversion products and will show a Windows 95 networkable control interface. He'll also show their video delay and frame synchronization modules. Mike is a past member of the Grass Valley Group engineering design group. 

Larry Enroth, Southern California Regional Sales Manager for Sierra Video Systems, will be there for introductions and to answer general questions about their product line. 

We have a very light business agenda. Larry says he'll need less than an hour to show off their products. 

Join us November 18 at 6:00 p.m. for free food and drink, 7:00 p.m. for the general meeting at KPBS studios. 

Mike Tosch of KPBS gave us these instructions: "Take I-8 to College Ave. and go South to Lindo Paseo (stop light at 7-11). Make a right onto Lindo Paseo, going west, and drive past the KPBS building at 5200 Campanile Drive. Turn right into the parking garage. Be careful not to park in the lot immediately behind the KPBS building. In the Parking Garage, DO NOT park on the lowest, first floor or any spaced marked 'SP 750'. The correct spaces are in the upper level, labeled 'Faculty-Staff - SP 800'. Walk out the parking garage on the south side and around to the front lobby entrance of the building. Go in the door and follow the signs. If the door is locked, please knock. We have instructed the Campus police not to issue tickets for the evening." 

Call 594-1515 if you need further instructions. 
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