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Oscar Medina to Serve as Acting Chairman

By Gary Stigall

I asked Oscar Medina a few questions about EAS in light of the resignation of Jeff Williams (see separate story):

photo: Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina
Is your official role with EAS now as "Acting" Chairman?"

Oscar: One of the main reasons for having a Vice-Chairman in an organization is to provide continuity when events of this nature occur. When I arrived in San Diego, I discovered that Jeff Williams had been drafted into the role as Chairman of the LECC. Jeff willingly accepted the responsibility and in my opinion has done and excellent job of providing leadership and coordination. I wish him all the best in his new job in Santa Barbara. In the meantime, I will serve as Acting Chairman concerning any EAS issues that may arise between now and the next meeting of the LECC.

When will the LECC meet again and will you consider new officers at that time?

Oscar: Jeff's departure was unexpected and our organization is totally volunteer. Prior to establishing a time and date for the next meeting of the Local Emergency Communications Committee I need to discuss the situation with the appropriate State and Federal agencies.

Anything you want to do with EAS now?

Oscar: On the immediate horizon is a review of where we are, what plans are in progress, and what the projected time lines are. Election or appointment of a new LECC Chairperson is first priority on the list along with establishing a Vice-Chair. After getting a better handle on where we are, I'll have a much better idea of where we need to be. In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep the system operating smoothly.

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Edited by Gary Stigall. Posted 21-Jul-99.