Welcome to the NAB Convention, Las Vegas
Visiting Friends of SBE Chapter 36

Conducted April 8, 1998

Photos and text by Gary Stigall, KFMB-TV.
Ellis Feinstein, retiring President; Stacie Austin, Marketing Coordinator; and Everett Helm, Sales Engineer; of Scala Antennas. Everett is a newcomer, previously active with SBE chapter 124 in Portland at KATU. Ellis claims 33 NAB Conventions attended--or did they claim Ellis? Upon merging with Kathrein of Europe, they've become a full-service antenna company, from micro to megawatt power levels. My apologies to the staff for cutting some out. I didn't find the wide angle switch on the camera for awhile after taking this photo.
I'd have to give Will Wohler the prize for the most improved product line. His powered speakers and monitors have been supplemented this year by the Panorama line of audio and video synchronizers and monitors, both digital and analog. One audio monitor samples 20 lines at a time, with preset high or low level alarms for the busy operator in a cable or DTV multithread house. Most items have improved packaging design. Look for him to sell a lot of black boxes to folks installing DTV equipment in the coming years.
Everett Shilts of NS Microwave entertaining the crowds. He's talking here to Ron Jennings, Director of Engineering for McGraw-Hill stations, and Dale Hanson of Televideo, both based in San Diego. Besides his remote camera and microwave systems, Everett was showing a non-pneumatic mobile mast.
Russ Erickson of Acrodyne proudly shows off their NTSC + DTV two-channel transmitter. Takes adjacent channels, but an economical and clean way to transmit, says Russ. He had an awesome tan from skiing in the Colorado mountains up the road from his home.
Steve Koch of GMS in Oceanside proudly shows off their multiband camera-mounted microwave transmitter. About the size of a Sony BP-90 battery.
The heavyweights of San Diego freelance news gatherers, Tom Borgeson (left) of King News and Scott Baird of San Diego News Service, talk business with Sam Nasiri of GMS.
Tom James, San Diego Panasonic rep, preaches to a crowd at their hugely popular booth. This was a big year for the company in broadcast, as their lower cost DVC Pro digital tape systems have been well received by TV stations. They had a bewildering assortment of tape and monitoring equipment in formats ranging from NTSC and PAL to 480p, 720p and 1080i.
One of the great pleasures of the convention is getting to meet the folks you buy your supplies from daily. Kathy Alexander says "hi" from the Pacific Radio Electronics booth.
On the radio side, Pacific Reasearch and Engineering always likes to bring a surprise to the show. This year they brought a studio table with genuine marble top, shown here. PR&E President Jack Williams (center) is flanked by Jacor's San Diego Director of Engineering Kevin Douglass (left) and National Director of Engineering Al Kenyon (right, facing camera), VIP's (Very Important Purchasers).
Question: Which San Diego manufacturer supplies all of the MPEG satellite decoders for CBS affiliates? Answer: Tiernan, pat yourself on the back. KFMB-TV, an earlier user of the network service, was a beta site.

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