I have just come back from Studio 40 at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York. The event....the first live remote HD TV broadcast (John Glenn Space Shuttle Launch). The telecast was under the Harris logo and I presume broadcast over many HDTV stations of all affiliations (in New York on WCBS-HD CH56), Kodak was one of the sponsors. The close in shots of the rocket engines igniting and the lift off were amazing. The thundering surround sound was awesome. The overall production and commentary was rather basic by today's standards, but never the less the overall product impressive. Our "historic" souvenir was a brochure with the Harris logo titled "The Historic Launch of John Glenn and Digital Television" The inside facts on Nasa and John Glenn and the back cover DTV facts. No specific products or networks were mentioned. One very interesting point, this pioneer broadcast focused on a rocket moving at over 2000 mph, I looked for artifacts which were not apparent under the viewing conditions. In all, very impressive. Robert Meuser